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1. Name: Sam
2. Age: 17
3. Punk, Emo or HxC?: HxC bitchizz but i cant get into metal binges and listen to SOME emo
4. What brings you here?: saw it in my friend Joe's profile and was like hrm...
5. 5 Favorite Bands: The Number Twelve Looks Like You, He Is Legend, The Red Chord, Fear Before The March of Flames, Saetia/ Into the Moat
6. 5 Favorite movies/TV shows: hrmm.. Donnie Darko, The Transporter, Family Guy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jackass The Movie
7. Who do you think should be president of the US?: Jon Stewart. He is GOD. Next would be Hilary Clinton just because Bill would be the first lady
8. What musician/entertainer do you want dead?: ahahaha where to begin?
9. 5 Random facts few people know about you: i am UBER nervous around girls... no matter if i have interest in them or not, im an artist, i love to write songs and poetry, im working on developing my screams, i LOVE anime... i dont care how old i am
10. Pictures:

photoshop fun

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holy shit sam I have a community? lol

you should take it over from me coz you're cool like that

btw sexxy photos lol