Krayniak (jollymelancholy) wrote in sharpiexcore,

1. Name: Ashley
2. Age: 15
3. Punk, Emo or HxC?: fuck if I know, you decide
4. What brings you here?: the sex
5. 5 Favorite Bands: Crass, Poison The Well, Hidden in Plain View, Hawthorne Heights, Remembering Never
6. 5 Favorite movies/TV shows: Donnie Darko, Requiem For A Dream, A Clockwork Orange, Romper Stomper, Ghost World
7. Who do you think should be president of the US?: Kurt Cobain (deceased, I know)
8. What musician/entertainer do you want dead?: Courtney Love
9. 5 Random facts few people know about you: 
   (i) I'm a gymnast...
   (ii) I'm a vegan.
   (iii) I have more socks than I do shirts. 
   (iv) I don't know... I don't care to share secrets.
10. Pictures (if you don't have one... take one or draw one...):

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