jake (puddleoffluf) wrote in sharpiexcore,



1. Name: jake
2. Age: 14
3. Punk, Emo or HxC?: punk/emo (sorta a mix of both)
4. What brings you here?: my love for sharpies
5. 5 Favorite Bands: guttermouth, weezer, saves the day, dashboard confessional, pixies
6. 5 Favorite movies/TV shows: breakfast club, fargo, wayne's world, wayne's world 2, envy
7. Who do you think should be president of the US?: anybody but bush
8. What musician/entertainer do you want dead?: the whole of good charlotte
9. 5 Random facts few people know about you: im about 5' 6"... im actually good at guitar... the last cd i bought was FOO FIGHTERS... im buying a 2000 dollar guitar.... my age (a lot of people think im liek 20 sumthin)
10. Pictures (if you don't have one... take one or draw one...):
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yey, your quite adorable.

you dont look 20-ish..you look 14.
im 15, but i can truelly pass for 20. boo yeah.

but anyways, yes, fuck bush